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Welcome on Pubcrawlers.ch, THE Geneva’s pub crawl!

Thirsty for new discoveries, new experiences, new places or just thirsty, you are in the right place ! Pubcrawlers.ch, is a new concept depending on the young innovative association “Genève, ville vivante”. Founded in order to galvanize culture and entertainment in Geneva suffering sometimes from a bad reputation, all our team decided to offer different activites to make things happen. Pubcrawlers.ch is one of them. All you need to do now is be sure to be 18 years old, follow our instructions and enjoy this night that, we hope, will stay in your memory forever.

You don’t know about Pubcrawling yet ? It’s simple you’ll see, let us explain :
Each tour will lead you to three bars and one club. Drinks are offered in each bar and entry is free in each paying club. 

 We have surrounded ourselves with very good establishment and we got enough local knowledge and experience to give you the best night you can have in our great city, Geneva.

The D day, rendez-vous at the meeting point at 8:30pm for the crawlers meet-and-greet ! As soon as you get your wristlet from one of our team mate, you’ll be able to get your first welcome drink and to meet the other crawlers. Then, an initiatory trip will follow, taking you from bar to bar beyond the night. Our guides are child from the city, raised in this special nightlife we call our own. They’ll show you the best places to have fun and party far from the aseptic clubs where a beer cost more than half of our whole tour.

You’ll discover Geneva’s wildside like just insiders know it, crawling through different bars and clubs, enjoying everywhere free welcome drinks and free entrance.

So do not hesitate any more. Crawl with us!


 Genève Ville Vivante Association

Terms & conditions

By participating in any event organised and hosted by Pubcrawlers.ch, you the participant, agree to the following terms and conditions without restriction:

  1. All participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. Pubcrawlers.ch will do its best to ensure that participants safely attend a variety of localities and venues within Geneva.  However, Pubcrawlers.ch events cannot mitigate every eventuality and as such, Pubcrawlers.ch events involve an element of possible risk.  All participants acknowledge these risks and attend events of their own accord and solely at their own risk.
  2. Pubcrawlers.ch events include opportunities for participants to consume alcohol at their own discretion.  Pubcrawlers.ch urges all participants to drink responsibly and cannot accept any responsibility or liability if participants drink excessively, resulting in damages, ill health, injury or death.
  3. All participants should be aware of their own physical or mental limitations before attending an event.  People with medical conditions or who are pregnant are strongly advised not to participate in Pubcrawlers.ch events and must inform Pubcrawlers.ch of the full nature of their condition before participating. All participants must be able to walk the distance required during the tour. Pubcrawlers.ch does not accept any responsibility or liability if a participant is not physically fit enough to complete the tour.
  4. Pubcrawlers.ch events officially finish as soon as the group and the guide enter the last venue.
  5. All Pubcrawlers.ch participants must be 18 years or older.  Only official identification will be accepted as proof of age and includes: Passports, driver licences, proof of age (18 plus) cards, etc.  Unacceptable identification includes photocopies and other non-government issued identification.
  6. All tickets must be purchased before you may participate in Pubcrawlers.ch events. Tickets will be swap for a wristband at the starting venue.
  7. You may not change or cancel tickets after purchase with any distributor. Direct sales made with Pubcrawlers.ch may be refunded or another ticket provided at Pubcrawlers.ch’s discretion.
  8. Pubcrawlers.ch reserves the right to cancel a tour at our discretion and for any reason.  In the event of a cancellation, Pubcrawlers.ch will try to contact distributors and clients as quickly as possible and will refund or replace tickets where appropriate.
  9. Pubcrawlers.ch reserves the right to change or modify tours without notice, including changing or altering venues and routes.  In the event of a change, Pubcrawlers.ch will endeavour to substitute comparable venues, but accepts no liability for changes.
  10. Pubcrawlers.ch accepts no liability for participant’s behaviour and reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from events anyone who is drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social.  In the event of refusal or removal, Pubcrawlers.ch will not refund ticket prices or cover any additional costs incurred by participants as a result.
  11. The participant agrees to indemnify Pubcrawlers.ch (it’s employees, directors, suppliers, agents, distributors, representatives, etc) against any third party claims as a result of the participant’s behaviour and actions.  Any damages or loss caused by a participant is solely the participant’s responsibility.
  12. All venues (including bars and clubs), attended by Pubcrawlers.ch reserve the right to refuse entry or remove participants from venues for any reason including drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour.  Pubcrawlers.ch accepts no liability in the event of refusal or removal and will not refund ticket prices in such an event.
  13. The participant renounces any claims of any sort, such as in case of accident, injury, theft, material damage, personal damage or any damage linked to participating in an event organized by Pubcrawlers.ch.
  14. Pubcrawlers.ch asserts its right to document its events with photos and videos and to use such material for marketing purposes.


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